This happened. And there was plenty of reaction on Twitter.

Asahi makes massive vote of confidence in future of cask ale with £250m purchase of Fullers’ beer business.
Martyn Cornell addresses two essential elements: the business and the business. He writes,”Meanwhile, on the ‘oh n the accountants will ruin London Pride’ front, as part of the fall-out from the AB Inbev-SAB Miller merger, Asahi ended up with Pilsner Urquell and Meantime in London, among other Western beer brands. I’ve heard no moans from either of those two concerns about how the Japanese are treating them. If you pay a lot of money buying a product that sells on its premium image, you don’t mess about with that image.”

Feelings About Fuller’s.
Nonetheless, even if the beer remains just as good, something is different. The “relationship has changed.”

I don’t understand business.
“So I’ll continue to write not understanding business and comment on business that I don’t really understand and mention beer that I will still get to love even when it is back to being owned by a single digit number of businesses.”

My First Beer.
I wish I could play, but, honestly, I do not remember my first beer. By deduction I can figure out I was 17, it was in a bar on the University of Illinois campus and the brand was “draft.” Kyle Kastranec pointed to his post on Twitter, which, of course, inspired others to list their age, the beer, and where. I’m jealous of such memories. But I have others.


How Social Media Stars Shake Up the Wine Market.
The secrets of wine instagram.
“There was no phone imagery. Everything was long form and the people who were the best writers were the most successful at building audiences and sponsorships. Over time, blogs became more visual. It became easier to take good images and get them online faster. Microblogging became a thing, then Facebook, and then Instagram changed everything. Now it’s visual first and text second and that’s where we are.”



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