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B E E R  A N D  W I N E

for Women, by Women

Tap or Vine is a celebration of all things boozy. Women love alcohol in its many forms, whether that’s out of a tap or made from a vine. Without limitations, life is about finding joy in what makes you happy (or gets you drunk!). Find your inspiration, women, because Tap or Vine is here to release the inhibition that there’s a stereotype to fulfill.

Drink what you want, because Tap or Vine is here for women, by women.

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We aggregate news from around the web. Our interests align with those of all women, putting a focus on the extremely diverse and wonderful lives we lead, unhindered by stereotypes or negative tropes. Our posts only highlight the many places around the ‘net qualified to bring you amazing content, and we always encourage further reading!

Where to Eat: Wood Cooking at FireDoor in Surry, Australia

If you make it to Surry, Australia, you gotta visit FireDoor! The kitchen is entirely powered by wood and everything is cooked to order. They seriously take BBQ to the next level, burning a variety of woods to create embers that enhances the natural characteristics of Chef Lennox Hastie’s ingredients. [...]

September 21st, 2020|Vine|


September 10th, 2020|Vine|

Carménère is to Chile as Malbec is to Argentina. It’s [...]